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Replaced Givi Rack on Fazer

imageManaged to grab an hour at the weekend to replace the Givi rack on the Fazer. The arms on the old one were thoroughly bent from the last crash, which snapped the top box off.

Tried as I could they wouldn’t bend back. To be honest I also doubted how strong they would be after if I did get them back into shape.

The new went on a treat, dead easy. Interestingly this one came with black painted bolt, rather than plain aluminium. Can’t decide which I prefer, might go for a combo to blend in with black arms and aluminium pillion peg brackets.

Heads Up: Cheap Bike Cover and Base Layers at Lidl

Lidl-Motorcycle-CoverQuick heads up: Lidl are doing cheap motorcycle rain covers from the 3rd October this week. They look quite basic, but are dirt cheap at just £9. At a fifth of the price of an Oxford one and with a 3 year warranty, I’m sure you’ll get your moneys worth. I’ll certainly be grabbing a couple, so watch this space for a review.

Also this week, Lidl are doing base layers and cheap hi-vis waistcoats. Previous base layers from Lidl proved very effective last winter, so I can definitely recommend them. At just £2 for the hi-vis, I’m dubious as to how they will stand up to high speed riding. Still worth a quick look though.

Pragmasis Chain & Squire Lock Review

Pragmasis-Chain-Squire-LockAfter getting Mary her own motorbike, getting an extra security chain was top priority. Being so pleased with the Pragmasis Protector chain I’ve been using, they were the obvious choice. I had considered an Almax chain, which are generally regarded as being on par with the Pragmasis chains. Both brands cost the same and are supplied with the same Squire padlock, however Pragmasis offer free next day postage – can’t argue with that.

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Fitting R&G Crash Bobbins to Kawasaki ZZR 400 (or 600)

ZZR-Crash-Bobbins-Frame-Sliders-1Over the weekend I fitted some R&G Crash Bobbins to Mary’s ZZR400. Sometimes more affectionately known as frame sliders, these lumps of hard plastic stick out from the side of the bike with the intention of stopping your precious fairing getting scuffed or cracked should you drop your bike. Since Mary is a little on the short side and the ZZR400 is quite heavy (as it’s just a sleeved down version of the ZZR600), we figured crash bobbins would be a prudent move.

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Fixed Broken Meta M357T V2 Alarm Immobiliser

Meta-M357TV2-replacement-1Last week the Meta M357T V2 alarm and immobiliser on my Fazer started playing up. It refused to make any sound when arming and disarming, just silent flashes of indicators. When deliberately triggering the alarm it remained silent and I just got hazard lights flashing. The immobiliser did however continue to work. Then later in the week, it started to make a noise again, just extremely quietly. Very odd. Obviously I kept my lack of alarm hush hush until I had remedied the situation.

Reading up, it seems that after around 10 years the internal battery on these alarms starts to give up the ghost and causes these kinds of issues. I also came across accounts from those who left it and it deteriorated further to the extent they couldn’t disable the immobiliser – eeek!

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Another Fricking Puncture

Rear tyre puncture holeThere I am trying to make a quick getaway from work with an afternoon off to watch my daughter on her sports day. But something is wrong, bike is all wobbly as hell. Back tyre totally flat. 🙁

A lot of crap stuck in the tyre, but crucially a big hole with lump of glass in it. Tried to pull it out, with a view to repairing it, but I can’t get it with the pliers, just ends up crumbling. The hole also seems bit big for emergency repair. Breakdown recovery it is. At least I’ve got some this time.

Well that’s my afternoon off work scuppered.

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Found a Yamaha Fazer Belly Pan

FZS600 Belly PanManaged to find a replacement Yamaha belly pan for my Fazer. As you may recall, my current one got bust in a recent prang. However I have the the original Yamaha belly pan, which is nigh on impossible to find these days. Plenty of after market ones, but few look anywhere near as good and all would need declaring as a mod on insurance, cue premium increase. Recently this one turned up on ebay, listing is a bit vague, but it does appear to be the one I need. Obviously, it’ll need a good sand and respray, but still, it should be a good match.

Regarding the prang, insurance claim is still under way. My insurance underwriters and accident claim firm both agree the other party is 100% to blame. The other parties insurance are however fighting this. 🙁 Now my insurance are taking the matter to court… Can’t see myself getting a result for quite sometime.

Shiny Red Wheels

imageSo a fellow biker pulls up at work with these spankingly shiny red wheels on his bike. Seriously funky and big improvement to his bike, much better than the old grey wheels. However the wheels are not new, he’s just had the bike professionally cleaned!

The top chaps who cleaned this were Over The Rainbow, next door to Ace Cafe, who also do bikes. Done a very good job, cleaned all the grime, chain lube and other detritus and got whole bike sparkly clean. All for a tenner and in 1.5 hrs. After spending ages the other weekend trying to remove the chain lube off my bike, it’s a tempting offer.

Repair Quote

YamahaFZS600-RepairQuoteEeek! Just got repair quote to get bike all sorted. Come to just over £1600! Mostly a replacement front cowling. They did however factor in a new Givi top box as it was scratched. Sure a lot of it is just fixing cosmetic damage and not essential to run the bike, but the claim is to return the bike to its previous condition.
However at that price, I suspect the insurance will want to write off the bike… Not what I need. 🙁