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London Biker Haunts

Here is a quick run down through the popular biker haunts and meet up spots. So if you’re new in town (or just new on a motorcycle), pop along for a cuppa, a chin wag and a gander at everyone else’s bike.

Ace Cafe
AceCafe-ZoomLogoThe famous cafe everyone has heard of, located on the North Circular near Stonebridge, a haunt for bikers from the ’30s-’60s, now open again and buzzing. Always running different events and themed nights, but Friday’s a traditionally biker nights. Check their website to see what’s on.
Find the Ace Cafe on Google Maps.

High Beach, Epping Forest
Surprisingly, after just a short ride from the city centre you can find yourself deep in the Epping forest. This little tea hut is the meeting ground many an East London or Essex biker, a hot sunny Sunday will see this place teaming with bikers rendezvousing for a ride out.
Find High Beach on Google Maps (On corner of Cross Roads and Fairmead Road).

Blackheath Tea Hut
Located on top of Shooters Hill in Greenwich park, this little tea hut is a great place to catch up with lots of other bikers and enjoy the surrounding beautiful green park land.
Find Blackheath Tea hut on Google Maps.

Borough Market
BoroughMarketLondonBikerMeet-April14-1On Wednesday evenings the London Bikers forum have their regular meet up in Borough Market (opposite Monmouth Coffee shop, along Stoney Street). Often a good turn out, rain or shine.
Find Borough Market on Google Maps.

Ryka’s, Box Hill
Out to the South West of London on Box Hill near Dorking, Ryka’s has been a favoured motorcycle haunt since the 1920’s. Still extremely popular today, you’ll often find hundreds of bikers on a sunny weekend. Serving great food and coffee, you’ll be guaranteed to ride away satisfied.
Find Rykas on Google Maps.

Bike Shed 

A newish (Autumn 2015) Shoreditch cafe in the East End with a hipster slant for custom cafe racers, scramblers and bobbers. However, don’t be put off, this trendy bar still welcomes all bikers alike, you don’t have to be a hipster to enjoy a cosy leather chair and decent coffee! Bike Shed Cafe is open daily 8am – 11pm.
Find Bike Shed on Google Maps.

If you know of other good biker cafes and meeting places, do let me know.

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13 replies on “London Biker Haunts”

Not wishing to disparage the other customers who patronise the Blackheath Tea Hut, but can the dickless wonders and mid-life crisis merchants who congregate at this 24 hour hut, have to common decency to realise that EVERY time they do the ton up Blackheath and Shooters Hill Road etc, late Friday and Saturday nights, they wake THOUSANDS of local residents, many of them elderly, in the middle of the night.

If you really enjoy the sound of your own engine that much, rev up outside of your own granny’s house, at midnight, and see how much of a hero THAT makes you feel…

Get a life, it’s on the A2 yes a main road nothing to do with Tea Hut Regulars, maybe you shou complain about all the Emegency vehicles that use this route blasting thier sirens, or the tens of thousands of cars and Lorries

Hello Adrian,

Whats your address I am a biker and can send you a spare pair of ear plugs?

Hello John,

You may well send Adrian a spare pair of ear plugs, but have you enough for the “thousands” who are suffering?

And by the way, what do you use ear plugs for? 🙂

Joking aside. I do respect Adrian’s point of view.

Safe riding.

I have to say the noise of bike engines does spoil a quiet weekend walk in Epping Forest. I wonder if there is any way to balance the interests of bikers with the ‘silent majority’ who currently tolerate this disturbance on a regular basis. Are ‘biker days’ limited and if not then could they be limited, e.g. to one weekend per month? I suffer a lot from sound sensitivity and I’m not alone. It is also bad for those with autism, etc. Any thoughts welcome!

Glad to hear the Tea Bar is open again after the incident with the knob in the car. As for the bike noise I’ve been riding for 40 odd years, bikes were generally noisier back in the day. My old GS1000s with a straight through Alpha pipe sounded Biblical. It’s attitudes that have changed not so much the amount of noise.

I think wherever you ride out to you should be respectful of others and be a good biker ambassador and not upset others, I ride out to meet other bikers like minded people to enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat and meet other bikers. Sadly there is always idiots who screw it up for the majority of us who love bikes and have rode bikes for years like me at my tender hooligan age of 70 I ride a Ducati it’s absolutey incredible. 🙂👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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