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Fixed Broken Meta M357T V2 Alarm Immobiliser

Meta-M357TV2-replacement-1Last week the Meta M357TV2 alarm and immobiliser on my Fazer started playing up. It refused to make any sound when arming and disarming, just silent flashes of indicators. When deliberately triggering the alarm it remained silent and I just got hazard lights flashing. The immobiliser did however continue to work. Then later in the week, it started to make a noise again, just extremely quietly. Very odd. Obviously I kept my lack of alarm hush hush until I had remedied the situation.

Reading up, it seems that after around 10 years the internal battery on these alarms starts to give up the ghost and causes these kinds of issues. I also came across accounts from those who left it and it deteriorated further to the extent they couldn’t disable the immobiliser – eeek!

Meta-M357TV2-replacement-2Some professional alarm fitters quoted me £200 to replace the control unit. However the control unit is very much a plug and play job. With the wiring loom already in place, the hard work has already been done. So I managed to order a replacement control unit and key fobs for the princely sum of £135 + postage from Abacus Alarms. Fitting was indeed a breeze.

Meta-M357TV2-replacement-3First, whip off the seat, locate the alarm and remove any cable ties securing it, carefully. Don’t slice any nearby looms! Next you need to remove the two screws that hold and cover the loom plugs. These are special anti-theft screws, specifically designed to cause your screw driver to slip on removal. However a firm grip with a thick headed flat screwdriver will do the job with a little perseverance. Remove the now loose plastic covers a peel back the rubber sleeve beneath. Next unplug the two cables, there’s an 18 pin black one and a 2 pin white one. Fitting the new control unit is merely the reverse of the above. Plug it in, check plug catches catch, replace rubber sleeve, fit plastic covers and screw together. New plastic loom covers and screws are provided. Secure it neatly, turn the ignition on and off and then test with the new key fobs. All in all, a half hour job.

Meta-M357TV2-replacement-4The new alarm is hideously loud, far louder than my old one ever was. The new key fobs also have an extra button for an alert/rape alarm, that set off the bikes siren. Possibly useful, but just make sure you press the right button when you try to unlock your bike!

I just need to sort out sticking my Fazer key in the other alarm fob, rather than carrying this separate key ring fob (shown left).

So, if your Meta M357TV2 alarm is on the blink and you’re pretty sure the wiring loom is still in good order, try swapping the control unit yourself. It’s a straightforward job and could you a good wad of cash.

Update: replacement Meta M357TV2 alarms are becoming harder to come by. I suggest you get in contact with Abacus Alarms, who have a few options you can check out. If you have a Meta M357TV2-1, there is an alternative drop-in replacement from DefcomT which you can buy from Abacus or Amazon.

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By Arthur

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16 replies on “Fixed Broken Meta M357T V2 Alarm Immobiliser”

Hi Arthur, thanks for the detailed info on the alarm. Very useful! Just one question- Why not buy a new alarm from Amazon for £125 as you linked to, instead of paying £135 + p&p from Abacus Alarms? Could you not have done exactly the same thing with a new one from Amazon and saved yourself at least £10?

Abacus Alarms alarms gave me some good advice on the replacement procedure, generally very helpful all round. So it seemed a bit naff to not buy the alarm from them for sake of a few quid. However if you click through my Amazon link, I’ll earn a little commission, I get nothing from Abacus. Your choice! 🙂

Hi, what a life saver this post has been for me, got the bike out the garage the yesterday, got my gear on, pressed the alarm fob and ……..nothing. Nada, not a thing, spent 20 minutes or so trying to arm/disarm the 15 year old Meta 357 TV2. Found this post and rang Abacus to see if they still stocked the replacement system. Ordered the battery backup version yesterday and it arrived first thing this morning, removed the old and fitted the new, bike fired up first press of the starter. What a relief, all sorted thanks to you, thanks for the great info!!


Just had the same problems with my Aprilia RSV R in fact have had problems for the last three years until this year, the Meta finally gave up the ghost!

Took your advice, ordered a new one via the amazon link, plugged it in upon arrival and boom! engine started first time. All this pain because of a tired knackered internal battery (mine was 12 years old)

Removing, re-looming, getting it wrong, paying labour to have it re-loomed and then being left without an immobiliser……..

No thank you! take the hit, £121 job done. No more panicking about being abandoned in Whitby with a non starting awkward Italian!!

Many Thanks

Glad you got it sorted. You don’t want to be stuck in Whitby on a dark night, especially on the goth weekend, never know who you may bump into! 😉

Hi Rich, I have a ten year old RSV factory with M357TV2 now playing up. Engine cranks over but no sparks even with large car battery jumped on. Was this like your experience, my alarm sounds strong and clear but having checked out everything sensor wise am now running out of ideas. Feedback much appreciated. Mitch.

Hi Arthur
A big thank you for your advise. Our alarm was fitted in 2003, no problems till 2 weeks ago when it just failed completely, no LED. Stumbled across your site, searched for a replacement & purchased a complete kit for £90.00, fitted the part we needed and can now stop panicking about our upcoming holiday. Also have a spare wiring loom now also in case any part of that fails.
Thank you!

I think its a bit off that it uses a non replaceable battery after all if they have got to your alarm unit then them changing the battery is the least of your issues. Further more a fob that attaches over a key is a awful idea because some people will have it on their ignition key which is fine till the forget and leave it in the bike.
i always have alarm and lock keys on my house keys and igniton key seperate just in case

TBH the new alarm was supplied with two fobs. One that attaches over the key and one separate key ring one. So you could choose to keep them separated as you mention (and a good idea too BTW).

Hi Arthur,

I was thinking of buying a new alarm to replace my M357T V2 but just want to make sure. My problem started with my Yamaha FZ6 2005 when the horn stopped working. Whilst checking the fuses, I took out the Main fuse under the tank. Now the bike would not start. When I turn the ignition into the ON position, no priming noise from the fuel pump. When I press the starter button, the engine cranks up but never starts.

Some of my colleagues reckons because I removed the Main fuse it kicked in the immobiliser. Some people said that if it was the immobiliser, the engine won’t crank up, it would be like the kill switch is ON.

When I called Abacus, the guy said to check the battery. I have checked the voltage on the bike’s battery and it’s reading between 12.95 – 13.01.

When AA came, the man said no power going into the fuel pump.

Any ideas?

I had the same problem on my 2006 fz6 today,the bike was turning over but not starting ,I had no ignition lights only the green neutral light ,also no pump noise I checked the fuses and found the ignition fuse had blown,I replaced the fuse but it kept blowing,I disconnected the meta 357t v2 alarm unit and fitted another fuse but didn’t blow again ,the bike started and ran fine,I must have a short circuit inside the alarm unit so I’m going to order a new unit.

hi Arthur! years ago when you bought the Meta M357 Replacement This unit comes with a custom made plug & play adapter loom. i guess you didnt use this adapter loom since you had the same alarm fitted on your bike! i would really appreciate if you could let me know if you still have it cause it would be soooo useful to me!
you see I have a faulty Gemel E587 alarm fitted on my 2005 BMW R1150 GS. i have bought the Meta M357T V2 Alarm but i havent installed it yet! cause i dont have the adapter loom that allows me to use the wiring of the bikes’ old alarm (Gemel E587) with a brand new and unused Meta M357TV2 alarm system i have!
i called Abacus Alarms and i was informed they dont make it any more!

so it would be soooo useful to me if you have this adapter

Great informative post, thank you.
My Meta M357TV2 alarm stopped responding and after 14 years since the original installation. I first changed the fob battery thinking this was the culprit. but alias not so! Since discovering your post and link to Amazon and Abacus alarms, I have ordered a bypass plug from Abacus at £31 which will enable me to remove the alarm and not have to mess with unsoldering wiring etc and not have to worry about alarm issues going forward.
For information: A replacement alark from Amazon is £99 but you will have to modify the wiring as the sockets are not a straight connection. Abacus alarms do a straight swap unit with two new fobs at £153.

The alarm you sent me is not the same as my old one m357tv2 it does not have the side connection and I have been on the you recomend and there is no video to say what to do can you email me the instructions so that I can set the alarm Allan

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