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How Bikers Read Signs

It’s a well known fact that most bikers are more familiar with the Highway Code and generally more clued up on the road that your average car driver. Often we’ve sat both car and motorcycle tests (theory & practical) and quite commonly we are keen to advance ourselves further still, be it with BikeSafe, IAM/ RoSPA qualifications or track/offroad days. However, for all the best intentions, our subconscious may not always read signs to the book…
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A Stroll Around London with Samuel Pepys

Samual-Pepys-Bust-GuildhallOver the last couple of weekends we’ve been exploring the City of London, on the trail of Samuel Pepys. Prompted by my daughter’s school project, we grabbed ourselves some tours from this excellent website and had a stroll around the square mile, discovering all kinds of interesting places we never knew existed. It’s crazy how you can live in London for over a decade but follow the same route to work everyday, visit the same haunts and be completely oblivious to whole areas of the capital. You find landmarks you’ve passed countless times and have no clue of their significance or history. Or you just simply avoided the hustle of common tourist traps, for example this was the first time I had stepped foot inside St Paul’s Cathedral, been up the Monument or even seen Guildhall.

So, if you’re at a loose end in town, fancy something a little more cultured, want to learn some of the city’s history or just hunt out some hidden spots and photo opportunities; then I can highly recommend these walks.

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Ride to Work Preperation

Rancilio-Silvia-EspressoWith these chilly, wet and dark mornings, getting motivated to get out of bed and get on the bike and head into work is far from easy. Each morning I’m layering up (the Lidl thermals from last year still holding up well) and downing my muesli, but by far the most important item each morning is a nice coffee.

Cue the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. With a perfect espresso, I’m ready to hit the road and deal with all the shit drivers out there. Highly recommended!

New Year Update

Not really had a great deal to update on the site lately. With the Xmas break, it was time to park up and relax with family. The weather has been pretty naff, wet, windy and not particularly enticing for a ride out.

I have enjoyed the quieter roads on my commute into work in the days prior to Xmas and last week. However I suspect tomorrow they will be back to their usual busy and congested state tomorrow. The end of December was also tax time, however the Fazer wasn’t too bad at just £58 for 12 months. Interestingly, this will be my last paper tax disc, as the Government plans to rely just on their electronic database from August this year.

In other news, I have tickets booked for the MCN Show down at Excel in February. Happened to coincide with a teacher training day at my kids school, so we’ll be making a family day out of it on the 14th. What better way to spend Valentines? 🙂

I’ve also blagged myself a place on a Biker Down course. Run by fire crew in Marlow (and down in Kent), they give training and advice on how to handle a downed biker incident, covering basic first aid and incident management. Definitely looking forward to this, have heard many good things about it and should be very useful stuff to know.

Competition Now Over

The one year anniversary competition is now over and four winners have been pulled out of the hat at random. You lucky four have been emailed, so if you entered, do check your mailboxes and get back in touch with your postal addresses. I should have your prizes sent out next week, ready to prepare for the next bout of crap weather.

The lucky winners are:
1st prize: Iain MacIver
2nd prize: Simon Oakley
Runners up: Robby Price and Douglas Plester

Thank you all who entered and helped share my blog around a bit. I hope you enjoyed checking out my blog and do hope you’ll keep coming back to read more of my adventures.

Insurance Renewal

Eeek, that time of year when insurance is up for renewal. However, rather than hoping to see a nice drop in my premium due to gaining a years riding experience and a year no claims, I’ve got a dirty great hike. All thanks to the numskull who ran me off the road back in April, the claim of which is still unresolved and waiting to see the other party will respond to my insurers legal case. Grrrr.

Sod’s law will probably see the claim getting resolved shortly after I stump up the cash and renew.

London Shard Mini Adventure

Not really motorcycle related, but definitely London related; here’s some snaps from a recent mini adventure I had up to the top of the London Shard to check out the view across London.

Thankfully, the weather was top notch and the view stunning. Could pinpoint landmarks for miles around. Tickets aren’t cheap at £25 a pop, but you won’t get a view like this anywhere else. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in town.

The Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

So many of the things we do in life carry unique benefits and dangers and motorcycle riding is certainly no exception. While we savor the freedom that comes with our motorcycles, we must be mindful of the risks we take every time we strap on our helmet. Consider these risks and then please consider the ways that are suggested to make the riding experience safer.

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Ride Magazine Subscription

Ride magazineThe first issue of my Ride magazine subscription arrived today. Excellent Christmas present from my wife. I had picked up the odd issue previously and found it a very good read, with loads of great articles. Not just reviews or new bikes I can’t afford, but decent riding tips, maintenance info etc.

This month they have several pages dedicated to bike security to help prevent theft. The subscription also had a free gift, some Oxford heated grips, potentially very useful. Not sure I’ll use them myself since I have heated gloves. However my wife is keen to get her own bike and fancies them for that… 🙂