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Good Morning 2017!

Brand Hatch track day
Brand Hatch track day

Well, 2016 was quite a year; so many great musicians and celebs dying; the whole Brexit fiasco, Big Mother Theresa May in power and not to mention despicable Trump being elected. It’s difficult to look back and take stock of the good stuff that happened. But, my wife finally finished her PhD, my best mate from college got married,  I popped my track day cherry and even managed a whole year without falling off!

As for new year’s resolutions and forthcoming plans, here’s just a few:

  • More track days. It was great last year at Brands Hatch, definitely want to do more.
  • Off road riding. Something I’ve never done, but definitely want to do.
  • Do more videos. Haven’t had chance to do many lately, but I have some ideas I want to realise.
  • Help my wife get through her IAM. She starts this month, so look out for some reports on her progress.

Many thanks for all the support and following us in the past, I wish you all a great new year of biking!

Changing Trends in the Motorcycle World for Ladies

LadyMotorcycleLeathersAvid riders have probably noticed an explosion of women riders on the scene over the last decade. Everything around the industry has grown up – from an increase in bikes manufactured specifically for women, to motorcycle accessories and supplies. This trend is without a doubt shifting toward women becoming more active in the motorcycle scene, with several studies reporting increases in women riders over recent years. Continue reading “Changing Trends in the Motorcycle World for Ladies” »

Witness to Hit and Run Car Crash

A couple of weeks ago I witnessed a car rear ending another car, all low speed and not too serious. However the one driver just hurled abuse at the other in front then fled the scene. I had their registration number and was more than happy to help out with a witness statement. As such I’ve recently been filling in forms for insurance and the police. Out of curiosity, I just put in the reg plate into the vehicle enquiry page and got this:-


So, now I know why they fled the scene; untaxed, no MOT and undoubtedly no insurance. The poor lady run into was very distraught and the Police would not have been able to trace this driver had I not passed on the registration number. Having had a few incidents myself where no one has stopped, I know first hand how much extra hassle it is without an independent witness. So please, if you do see an incident, no matter how minor, do stop and offer your help. It maybe a bit of form filling, possibly a court appearance, but it can help rid the roads of dodgy drivers. Ultimately, put yourself in their shoes, you never know when you may need a witness yourself.