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You’re not a proper biker until…

Long Haul Biker GearThink you’re a proper biker? Think you know your motorcycles inside and out? Reckon you’ve ridden everywhere there is to ride? Are you really a proper biker who has done all there is to do on a bike? Well, let’s see if you’ve done all of these!

You’re not a proper biker until you have:

  1. Dropped your first bike
  2. Written off a bike
  3. Taken a pillion passenger
  4. Persuaded your partner to go pillion…
  5. Joined a huge ride out, > 50 riders (Southend Shakedown, Margate Meltdown, Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride etc).
  6. Travelled further overland on your bike than other forms of transport
  7. Done 3 digit speeds on autobahn
  8. Got your knee down (low side crashes not counting!)
  9. Commuted on bike year round, rain or shine, all weathers
  10. Visited the Ace Cafe, London
  11. Ridden 100+ miles for fish and chips / ice cream / other snack
  12. Toured for more than a week on a bike
  13. Gone camping on your bike
  14. Been rally virgin’ed
  15. Braved a winter rally (e.g. Dragon rally, Elephant rally, Primus rally etc.)
  16. Ridden on snow
  17. Filtered like a boss through a city centre (Le Filtage!)
  18. Worked as a bike courier in city
  19. Volunteered as Blood Biker
  20. Kickstarted a bike
  21. Ridden on track
  22. Done the Nürburgring
  23. Ridden the IOM TT circuit
  24. Learnt to wheelie on demand
  25. Learnt to stoppie on demand
  26. Continued a journey following a road side fix
  27. Helped a stranded fellow biker on the road
  28. Ridden famous coastal route (e.g. Scottish NC500, Route 1 LA to SF ‘Big Sur’, etc)
  29. Ridden through more than two European borders in a day
  30. Crossed two US State lines in a day
  31. Monetised your own motorcycle vblog
  32. Braved crazy traffic in an Asian city
  33. Ridden across a desert / wilderness
  34. Ridden a Hog across Route 66
  35. Visited the Pacific and Atlantic coasts on a bike
  36. Ridden the Transfăgărășan pass (Romania)
  37. Ridden the Tail of the Dragon (North Carolina)
  38. Ridden the Road of Bones (Russia)
  39. Ridden on more than 3 continents
  40. Ridden on a Christmas toy run
  41. Ridden into the Arctic circle (e.g. Nordkapp)
  42. Clocked up a 6 digit mileage on a bike yourself
  43. Completed advanced training (e.g. IAM, RoSPA)
  44. Completed level 3 at California Super Bike School
  45. Gained your ACU race license
  46. Ridden green lanes and trails
  47. Ridden motocross or trials
  48. Raced flat track or speedway
  49. Competed in a huge Enduro event (e.g. Erzbergrodeo, Weston Beach Race, etc)
  50. Completed the Iron Butt Challenge
  51. Filled a garage with multiple bikes for different moods
  52. Filled a garage with more ‘project’ bikes than running bikes
  53. Done your regularly bike servicing yourself
  54. Built your own custom bike
  55. Travelled abroad to watch a MotoGP race
  56. Joined an MC
  57. Have a leather cut-off and patches from your MC
  58. Been pulled over by the Police
  59. Talked your way out of a Police ticket
  60. Understood what ‘Quality’ is (as described by Pirsig)

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By Arthur

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