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Essex Motorcycle Show 2015

It was a Bank Holiday weekend, so as per tradition it pissed down. Not that rain could stop the Essex Motorcycle show, over at North Weald airfield.

Being local and free I dragged the family over (albeit in the car), to see what the fuss was about having not visited in previous years. It was a small, local show setup outdoors with various aeronautical gubbins as a backdrop. Stands were mostly a mix of local dealers (promoting KTM, Suzuki, BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson), local advanced riding groups, training schools and the emergency services. Not a huge amount, but still worth an hours mooch, especially as it was free. Oh yes, did I mention it was completely free to get in?!

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Spring Update

ST55 LFNThis last few weeks have been busy, but unfortunately rather mundane. A running theme of work, juggling kids, gloomy weather and being skint haven’t made for much excitement. Commuting through the winter is not a fun ride, but at least we’re starting to gain more light in the evenings now. Glad I went for the super bright Fluro helmet now. I am however getting more and more pissed off at idiot using mobiles whilst driving. See shot from my helmet cam, this idiot was even stupid enough to opt for a super bright blue mobile that can be seen miles away! With the Met Police currently running their RoadSafe website to pass on info, it’d be rude not to do something with all the juicy film footage I collect daily.

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London MCN Show 2015

Back home after tiring day walking around the London MCN Show down at the Excel centre. Pretty local, so seemed a good plan, however in hindsight it’s debatable if taking the two kids was also a good plan. Much moaning, whining, squabbling and numerous toilet stops later, we’re feeling pretty damned drained!

Kawasaki H2
Kawasaki H2

The MCN show is not huge, certainly not a patch on the Brum show at the NEC, but still visited by all the main manufacturers; Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, BMW, Ducati, Harley, Victory, Moto Guzzi. There was also an Ariel stand, some Lexmoto and Peugeot scoots on show too. No Royal Enfield’s this year though. No brand spanking new releases unveiled, but it did give me chance to check out first hand the new Yamaha R1 and Tracer, the Kwak H2 (No H2R on display though).

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Ushering in 2015

And there we have it, another new year and a year older, possibly a little wiser too. The tail end of 2014 was insanely hectic for me with my day job sending me out to Gothenburg  and Boston, followed by a mad Christmas break visiting all our family in Shropshire and North Wales. It has been good to be back in London and back on the bike. It’s funny how some time away from two wheels leaves you hankering and longing, but once riding again at first you feel awkward, slightly nervous  and rusty. It’s taken a couple of days to relax and get reacclimatised, but it’s good to be back.

I suppose I should have some New Year resolutions and plans, so here we go:

  1. Do my IAM. My lovely wife treated me to their Skills For Life course (starting Sunday), which I’m looking forward to and hope to complete this year.
  2. Update my YouTube channel. Life has been so busy lately, I’ve done little video editing, however I have some plans for a new video series in the pipeline.
  3. Bike maintenance wise, I hope to give the Fazer’s forks a good service and swap on some braided brake lines. I also have some yellow wrap for the headlights which I’d like to try out for the dark nights.
  4. Fingers crossed, I’d like to resolve my incident from September 2013, which is due to go to court at some point.
  5. Lastly, it would be great to get my wife another bike. Hopefully she’ll complete her PhD and get a job, so finances can resolve this.

Happy New Year to you all – ride safe!

Black Friday Deals

Get Geared have some stonking deals on throughout today and the weekend. They’ve got daily deals and some huge discount codes: BFR100, BFR200 and BFR300, to get 10%, 18% and 25% off respectively. Perfect to grab some decent warm, waterproof of heated gear for the winter months.

Get yourself over to GetGeared and see what you can snap up.

Bye Bye Paper Tax Disc

ByeByeTaxDiscSo long and thanks for all the … faff.

It’s October the 1st and the paper tax disc has officially been obsoleted, no longer needing to be displayed on your vehicle.

No more tearing our the perforated paper disc, no more hassle trying to open your seized up tax disc holder, no more soggy paper and no more worrying about tea leaves stealing it. Of course you will still need to pay VED (vehicle excise duty), either online, over phone or down the Post Office, but enforcement will be through ANPR camera’s.

The Gov have introduced the option to pay by direct debit on a monthly basis, but it’s still cheaper to buy 12 months up front. The biggest change, is vehicle tax is now no longer transferable when a vehicle is sold. The seller will need to cancel their tax, getting a refund for whole months only, then the buyer will need to buy fresh tax prior to using the vehicle. I envisage this last change being a logistical nightmare , as buyers try to sort out insurance and tax at the same time.

More details of the changes can be found on this Gov webpage.

Visit to Bike Shed Motorcycle Club show 2014 (BSMCIII)

BSMCIII-WristBandAt the weekend the Bike Shed MC were hosting their annual show down in Tobacco Dock, East London, having outgrown their usual Shoreditch haunt. The event was a huge showcase of the best custom bikes, cafe racers, cruisers, bobbers and other random hand built two wheel mayhem. The weather was lovely, but unfortunately this was a family outing, so the bike remained at home. But that didn’t stop hundreds of other bikers descending and enjoying the chilled out atmosphere. But I couldn’t help wondering if I’d fit in better with a well trimmed beard, waxed moustache and a full sleeve tattoo. A peculiar blend of ’50s rockabilly and Chap was very much in vogue.

I couldn’t help wondering if I’d fit in better with a well trimmed beard and waxed moustache…

It was good to check out all the funky bikes, even if I’d be hesitant to take any out on the streets of London myself, style over substance seemed to pervade in many instances. Knobbly tyres and Hessian wrapped pipes are definitely this seasons look. Front mudguards are optional and the more belts on show the better.

Hope you like the snaps of all the best bikes we saw. The kids pinched my camera for most of the show as they were getting a bit bored, so please excuse the odd framing or any not quite in focus. They were pissed they couldn’t sit on all the bikes like at the last show we went to!

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