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RST Moto-X MX Children’s Boots Review

RST Kids Motorcycle Boots - 1Forking out for kids school shoes and trainers several times a year costs enough, but if you need to get motorcycle boots too, then things really do start to mount up. Thankfully, these RST boots don’t break the bank.

As with most kids gear, it’s more often grown out of, rather than worn out. As such we were able to pick a good condition pair of these boots up off ebay cheaply.  They’re made from a study and solid leather, have a good chunky sole with lots of grip. The boots are waterproof lined, with two straps and a flap with Velcro to tighten the boots around the ankle and shins. They also have a leather gear change panel and a soft padded lip around the top.

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Children’s Motorcycle Fashion – Textiles

Childrens Motorcycle Textiles Hein GerickeTextiles are very much on trend this season and extremely popular out on the road. Our model wears a vintage Hein Gericke Sheltex jacket with matching trousers (ebay, £20-30), RST MX Boots (ebay, £15). The look is then finished with a Hoo Rag ‘blue digital camo’ scarf ($16) to accessorise.

The children’s Hein Gericke combo is a miniature version of the adult line, featuring the same removable lining, waterproof protection, CE armour and pocket for a Hiprotec back armour insert.  However it also has zips in the arms and legs for adding length as the wearer grows. The trousers also have an elasticated waist and braces.

Childrens Motorcycle Gear

Childrens-motorcycle-clothingMy daughter has been dying to ride on the back of my motorbike for ages now. The legal requirement being only their feet can reach the foot pegs and the wearing of a helmet. Since my daughter is rather tall, there’s been no problem there, however from a maturity point of view we have held off for some time. With her 8th birthday later this year, we have decided she is now old enough to ride on the back of the bike and hark back to the days when she was a nipper and would ride on the back of my bicycle.

Of course, safety is a paramount concern, so we have been keen to kit her out in some decent gear to protect her. A tricky prospect considering the price of motorcycle gear and the rate she will grow out of it, and so we hit ebay with a vengeance to find decent gear without breaking the bank.

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