ACF50 Time

This week has seen the weather turn frosty and salt grit trucks have hit the roads. Salt and the winter weather is huge nemesis to bikes, rotting frames and corroding all manner of parts. This is where ACF50 comes in. A great Anti Corrosion Formula, that can be sprayed on and leaves a protective film that halts any existing corrosion and prevents new.

Application should follow a good clean, and can be either with a spray can or with a refillable spray gun. The former can lay it on a bit thick, but  the spray gun approach obviously needs additional tools. So, don’t hang about, give your bike the ACF50 treatment before winter eats it alive!

Pick up some ACF50 from ebay.

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Fitting a Fender Extender

Fender Extender FittedWith the wet and miserable weather we’ve been having and promise of more to come this winter, I decided to fit a fender extender onto my Fazer.  That’s a front mudguard extension for you UK lot. The plan being to stop a whole pile of crud, muck and wet getting sprayed up into the radiators, downpipes and headers, which are already showing a bit of weather damage.

I picked this Fender Extender up from M&P and it’s made by Pyramid Plastics. Looks wise, it’s a not a lot to write home about, just a basic matt black piece of plastic, but fitting against the mudguard was decent enough. It was supplied with some self tapping screws and some sticky back tape to hold it place whilst drilling holes for screws.


10% off at MotorcycleHouse

Get 10% off at Motorcycle HouseThe top chaps at Motorcycle House have teamed up and we can offer you a 10% discount code to use at their store. Motorcycle House specialise in a huge selection of luggage bags by Viking Bags for cruiser bikes. They also have luggage for other bikes and a selection of clothing too.

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How to Stop Helmet Fogging Up & Visor Steam Up

How to stop visor steaming up
Visor fogging up nightmare!

As the weather turns cold and we have more wet days, the bane of all bikers strikes – a motorcycle visor steaming up. And if you wear glasses, they’ll mist up too, double trouble. Visibility drops to zilch and riding becomes a nightmare. The simplest solution is of course to stop breathing. However, I tend to find this detrimentally affects my riding, especially on long rides…

Stop helmet fogging – the cause

Cold air, wind chill and rain dramatically reduce the temperature of the inside surface of your helmet visor and your glasses, such that moisture in the air you exhale condenses on these surfaces causing them to mist up. This condensing moisture forms tiny water droplets that scatter light and reduce the ability of a visor or glasses to transmit contrast.


Biker Highlighter – Instant Hi-Viz!

Biker Highlighter Pen - Instant Hi VizNeed some Hi-Viz for the darker winter nights? Pick up a Biker Hightlighter and quickly add Hi-Viz to your gear!


This is my entry to the Helmet City UK competition for a Drift HD Ghost-S camera. Wish me luck!  #HelmetCityPhoto