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Winter Riding – Tackling Cold Hands

Winter MotorcyclingSummer is well and truly over and now there’s a good chance you fall into one of two camps. You either bike for leisure, avoid riding in the cold and wet and place your bike into hibernation until next year; or you’re a year round biker, by choice or necessity and just gear up to stay warm and fend off the elements. If you fall into this latter group, then you will be all too familiar with cold hands and numb fingers. Never underestimate wind chill, it maybe 5°C outside, but at 60 mph wind chill brings that down to -11°C! (Wind chill chart) Once your fingers are numb, it becomes painful, distracting and drastically affects your riding for the worse. Even the best winter gloves won’t protect you for long against that cold and so here I present a few options to tackle cold hands.

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