Clothing/Protection Gear Reviews

Cherry Red Spada Pilgrim Grande Boots Review

If you are an old fart like me and hark after a simpler time where dressing to go for a ride didn’t take hours and you didn’t feel like your legs were encased in lead pipes then the Spada Pilgrim Grande Boots are for you. I still don’t like wearing full-length boots, even though I know that they give better protection. However, proper motorcycle ankle-length boots are a good compromise. In the event of an off, they will provide support and protection to your feet and ankles whilst not feeling as restrictive as full-length boots. They allow you to walk around and get lunch without feeling like you are walking up the hill to the cafe in moon boots. I have worn these Spada boots for a few months now and they are still comfortable and hard-wearing. They also work well as a chunky alternative boot off the bike too.


A Wet February off the Bikes

Kelpies, Falkirk
A brief moment of winter sun at the Kelpies

Wet. Wind. Sleet. Cold.

Pretty much what one would expect from a winter in Scotland. Although some extreme weather has hit the UK (122mph wind on the Isle of Wight! WTF!), here in Stirling we have dodged the worst of it. But it’s still been pretty wet and miserable, so not a lot of biking has occurred this last few weeks and things are a little quiet on the blog. In the meantime, I’ve been keeping busy with other projects.