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Turning a Corner, Normality is in Sight, Time to Power On

The weather is picking up (mostly), restrictions have eased and we’ve all been getting out on the bikes again, trying to make up for time lost in lockdown. Things are definitely looking like they’re on the up and some normality is returning. I’ve managed to get out over the last few weekends, shorter ride outs around Essex and Kent; I’ve led an ELAM ride, socially distanced and in sub-groups of 6; and caught up with riding buddies again.

My age was called out on the vaccine Bingo and I’ve now got myself the first dose of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine. My wife had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine a couple of months ago as she works in the NHS. All very reassuring and with so many getting vaccinated, it does raise hopes for a summer of biking, touring, commuting and life as we remember. Obviously, no trips abroad are on the cards, not even any work excursions to the US I can tie in with a motorcycle rental. However, plans are underway for some exploration of Scotland, both to get away on bikes and to scout out potential relocation areas.

Route 1066 Cafe near Hastings, UK

Accommodation booking for Scotland has been a bit hit and miss. Many places booked up early, many charging inflated prices and several AirBnB places have declined or cancelled my stay as they put their property up for sale to catch the boom in that sector. All a bit mad really. Nonetheless, we now have a little house in Dunblane booked for a week, which should be a great base to explore the Highlands and scout areas we want to relocate to in the central lowlands. Fingers crossed the host doesn’t pull out on this one… Our top priority right now is still decluttering the house and preparing to put it on the market. Lots of stuff sold on eBay, given away or taken to the tip. It never ends! It’s just a struggle to get through it all whilst we’re both working full time, managing this blog and desperately wanting to get out on the bikes at the weekend!

Overall, some positivity is returning, normality is looking tantalisingly close. In addition to tours of Scotland, I’ve signed up to marshal some running events with ELAM, the Westminster 10k in July and Hackney Half Marathon in September; Mary is off to a Rock concert in June, female punk outfit L7; my workplace is outlining plans for a return to the office later in May and thus some London commuting. Fingers crossed we have no further setbacks necessitating a return to restrictions or a lockdown like many other countries have had to.

It really does feel like we have rounded a corner, the exit is in sight and it’s now time to power out of this tight spot.

But we must not be too hasty, we must be mindful not to lay too much power down too soon out of this curve for risk of spinning up the back end and sliding out…

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By Arthur

Seasoned London commuter, doing my best to stay rubber side down and never stop moving forward.

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