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Videos featuring tips on riding and highlights from my many motorcycle adventures

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 10 (SMIDSY)

Did you manage to guess what happened? A classic SMIDSY, that just leaves you wondering how on earth they didn’t see you, your headlights, hi-vis, or anything past their nose. Thankfully, they braked at the last second and I resisted the urge to panic brake and managed to swerve. Breaking those panic reactions is not easy, it takes time and is something that new riders often struggle with. It’s all too easy to grab a fistful of front brake, lock up and hit the deck. Of course, it helps a lot if you have ABS.

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 6

In today’s video you can see me attempted to filter carefully between some traffic that has just pulled up to a halt. However can you guess what little surprise lies in wait?

The more eagle eyed bikers out there would have noticed the island in the middle of the road to my right and thus anticipate what can happen at these points in the road. In this instance it’s quite obscured, but as you gain familiarity with your daily route you soon learn these features of the road and know exactly what to look out for. It is precisely for this reason it is not a good idea to filter like crazy on unfamiliar roads, it’s so easy to get caught out by stuff you miss or is hidden by the traffic.

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 5

Another instalment in my series of biker videos aimed at training you in the art of anticipating the unexpected. Here I am filtering (again), but decide to hold back from the little black Beemer, but why?

Watch the video and and see how things could have turned rather different if I had continued filtering.

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 4

Riding round the back streets of South London, negotiating the one way system on my journey to work, the streets are narrow and busy with surprises around every corner. As a good biker you need to be able to spot hazards far ahead, predict those that are about to happen and adjust your speed as needed to react whatever you face. See if you can guess what is about to happen in this short clip.

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 3

Here we have another instalment in my Sixth Sense Skills series of videos to help highlight the unexpected hazards that crop up on the road that all good bikers need to be able to predict well in advance. In this video I am filtering (again) with a view to turn right, whilst there’s a gap in the oncoming traffic thanks to the pedestrian crossing on red. What could possibly happen next?

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 2

Continuing my series of Sixth Sense Skills, here comes tip 2:-

Highlighted is a very common scenario when filtering through slow moving traffic and a gap opens up. Think to yourself ‘who might want to fill that gap?’ Also notice the position of truck, close to the edge of the lane, the driver is likely gauging the progress of the traffic up ahead and contemplating a lane swap.

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 1

Kicking off a new video feature on this blog, welcome to the Sixth Sense Skills! I’m going to show simply scenarios with the hope you can spot the tell tail signs hinting at how they may unfold, so you can ride safely. Too often bikers miss these signs and suddenly find themselves in tight spots with too much speed and no time to brake or evade. Please watch the video below and see if you can guess what is about to happen.