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Filtering Tips Video, Part 1

For a while, I’ve been planning a few videos of filtering tips  using footage from my daily riding in and around London, and finally I’ve finished this first short video in the sequence. In this episode I look at some of the legalities of filtering, outlining what you can and cannot do by law in the UK.

Much is common sense, but you may still learn something new. Nonetheless, I hope you find this video interesting and useful. Do comment with your thoughts and any other interesting filtering legalities I’ve not covered here.

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 14 – Fail :(

What a shit morning. My biker sixth sense wasn’t with me today…

Whilst quietly filtering through some suburban traffic approaching the A13 I managed to drop the bike. Again. I was just about to start filtering past a queue of traffic when a car decides to do the same thing and pulls out on me. I panic braked, locked up front wheel and down she went. All very low speed (as usual), didn’t even hit other car, they just carried on oblivious. Grrr. Totally smashed the fairing, crash bars did their job, but various other bits are scuffed.


New fairing on order, but bit skint now, so do us a favour and click on some of my banners and affiliate links. Much appreciated.

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 6

In today’s video you can see me attempted to filter carefully between some traffic that has just pulled up to a halt. However can you guess what little surprise lies in wait?

The more eagle eyed bikers out there would have noticed the island in the middle of the road to my right and thus anticipate what can happen at these points in the road. In this instance it’s quite obscured, but as you gain familiarity with your daily route you soon learn these features of the road and know exactly what to look out for. It is precisely for this reason it is not a good idea to filter like crazy on unfamiliar roads, it’s so easy to get caught out by stuff you miss or is hidden by the traffic.

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 3

Here we have another instalment in my Sixth Sense Skills series of videos to help highlight the unexpected hazards that crop up on the road that all good bikers need to be able to predict well in advance. In this video I am filtering (again) with a view to turn right, whilst there’s a gap in the oncoming traffic thanks to the pedestrian crossing on red. What could possibly happen next?

Sixth Sense Skills – Tip 2

Continuing my series of Sixth Sense Skills, here comes tip 2:-

Highlighted is a very common scenario when filtering through slow moving traffic and a gap opens up. Think to yourself ‘who might want to fill that gap?’ Also notice the position of truck, close to the edge of the lane, the driver is likely gauging the progress of the traffic up ahead and contemplating a lane swap.

“Filtering is illegal, don’t ya know?” – Twat


Riding back home last night, quietly filtering down the A13 through it’s usual gridlock, when this twat suddenly decides to change lanes and takes me out.

He then starts getting a bit worked up, telling me I was wrong for filtering, I “shouldn’t be filtering, it’s illegal, don’t ya know?”

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