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MotoRadds Flex Slim GoPro Helmet Chin Mount Review

A while ago I reviewed the MotoRadds motorcycle helmet mount GoPro, which has worked well. However, sticking anything to your helmet will add weight, not least a GoPro and mount. Recently MotoRadds got in touch and asked me to review their latest Flex Slim GoPro helmet chin mount. Promising to be a lighter-weight version, I was eager to see how it faired.

Upon opening the MotoRadds FLEX Slim GoPro motorcycle helmet mount, it is clearly a more cut-down offering. Most crucially it no longer has a standard GoPro slide-in mount, rather just the triple brackets to bolt the GoPro directly too. This negates the need for the GoPro slide-in bracket reducing size and weight. On the scales the Flex Slim weighs in at just 34g (including thumb bolt). Compared to the older MotoRadds mount, which weighs 25g, but then needs 23g of GoPro slide-in mount and thumb bolt.

 GoPro motorcycle helmet mount chin review
Unboxing the MotoRadds Flex Slim GoPro motorcycle helmet mount

The next key difference is the older models’ hinged arms which allow it to fold around your helmet’s profile, have been replaced with flexible arms that you bend as needed. These provide more flexibility with moulding the mount around the contours of your helmet. You’re still going to need a fairly rounded helmet chin, my Shoei Neotec works fine, but a pointy helmet like some of the AGVs would not suit.

The mount is available in either black or white variants.

Installing the MotoRadds Flex Slim GoPro Helmet Chin Mount

Installation is a breeze, with good info provided, including links to the manufacturer’s YouTube videos walking you through step by step. Essentially, it’s a case of cleaning your helmet well first to ensure good adhesion from the double-sided tape, using some wipes provided. Then you bend the mount around your helmet, giving it an extra kink to better balance the weight. Finally, you remove the double-sided tape cover and stick it on. Overall, it shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes.

MotoRadds Flex Slim GoPro helmet chin mount
The Flex Slim mounts moulds around your helmet’s contours well

Attaching your GoPro helmet camera is then just a case of slotting it into the triple bracket and tightening up the thumb bolt. An extra mini elbow joint is also supplied, which you may or may not need depending on how low an angle you attach the mount. I did as I had to attach the mount quite low beneath vent switches etc on my Shoei.

MotoRadds Flex Slim GoPro motorcycle helmet mount

MotoRadds Flex Slim Motocycle Helmet Mount GoPro in Use

In use, the reduced weight of the MotoRadds Flex Slim was good, though given the overall weight of a GoPro it was a subtle difference. I certainly appreciated having some less bulky on my helmet, especially if riding without the camera attached.

Given that the mount is smaller and doesn’t extend down as far as the older mount, it means when I put my helmet down on a flat surface, the mount is no longer taking the weight, which over time stressed the double-sided tape adhesion.

One downside is that without the slide-in GoPro mount, fitting or removing my GoPro from my helmet is a little more faff, as I have to fiddle with the thumb bolts. Faff because these thumb bolts need to be pretty tight to stop the camera from flopping down when out riding, and because I have two thumb bolts close together when using the elbow joint to extend the mount.

The supplied 3m VHB tape is nice and strong and is still holding the mount rigid to my helmet after a couple of months of use. It has pried away in a couple of small spots, but given the much larger contact patch this new design has, it’s still holding strong.


MotoRadds Flex Slim GoPro helmet chin mount reviewConcluding this MotoRadds Flex Slim GoPro helmet chin mount review, I definitely prefer it over the previous version. The smaller size and lighter weight design get my thumbs up. Install is easy and it’s definitely a better design than the prior version. My only very minor bugbear is the slight extra faff of unscrewing the GoPro on/off the mount, vs the quick slide-in clip of the old design.

Rating 4.5 / 5

→ More details and buy direct (in the US) from the MotoRadds website

Buy the MotoRadds GoPro helmet chin mount from Amazon

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