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AGV K4 Helmet Review

AGV-K4-HelmetAfter recently picking up a new helmet, it dawned on me I hadn’t posted any review of my current helmet, an AGV K4. So here we go. Of course I don’t have the expertise to give this helmet a proper safety test, so I’m merely going to cover how it performed day to day, with regards to comfort, noise and durability. To gauge safety, I always  check the SHARP rating, for which the K4 scored 4 stars (out of 5).

The vents are really stiff and damned near impossible to operate with gloves on.

I’ve  worn this lid pretty much every day for nearly two years, during which time it has held up well with regards to durability, only showing the usual expected wear to the lining and a spot of the visor rubber seal broken off. The lid came with a clear visor, but during the first winter of use I swapped this for another Pinlocked visor. Quite why any lid comes sans Pinlock these days is beyond me,considering how invaluable they are in the winter. Without the Pinlock, I had terrible problems with fogging up in cold weather, even with all vents open, so much for the anti-fog coating. Speaking of vents these are really stiff and damned near impossible to operate with gloves on whilst riding. In heavy rain, if open they can let in the odd drop of water too.

AGV-K4-Helmet-insideWhen wearing the K4 I found it adequately comfortable, however recently some of the lining near my forehead keeps rucking up and becomes painful on long rides. Weight is pretty average, no problems there. During the winter, I always found my head perfectly warm enough. Fastening is via a ratchet type system, which I always found quick and simple to operate and never failed me.

Once exceeding 50mph I can no longer hear my bike for wind noise (and that’s with no baffles in!).

The biggest gripe I had with this K4 is the noise, it offers very little protection against wind noise. Once exceeding 50mph I can no longer hear my bike for wind noise (and that’s with no baffles in!). Ear plugs are essential with this helmet or you will be suffering from some serious tinnitus.

Overall, the AGV K4 is a fairly reasonable helmet that’s worth considering if you find it at a good price (under a £100), as there are plenty of SHARP 5* helmets in this price range (e.g. MT Revenge or Caberg V2 407).  The wind noise issue is a serious problem and so I find it difficult to unreservedly recommend this helmet.

Rating 3/5

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