Motorcycle Security Tips

Theft is every bikers worst nightmare and tragically, is still a huge problem, especially in big cities. As such, it is now essential to fork out for all manner of extra security devices to help protect your pride and joy. With so much choice, we’re going to go through the pros and cons of different security measures so you can opt for the most effective and avoid wasting money.

Of course we all have insurance cover, but many of us will have high excesses to keep premiums affordable. If your bike is stolen, there is a chance it will be recovered, but this can leave you even worse off as there maybe recovery and storage bills from the Police and a hefty repair bill. Never mind the hike in premiums for several years to come. For a cheap commute bike, theft cover is almost pointless as it would just be too uneconomical to claim.

Bike recovery figures have improved drastically over the last few years. The NCIS report from 2001 quoted a figure of just 16% of stolen bikes being recovered. A decade on and the figure is looking better at around about 45% across the EU. This is almost certainly due to advancements in GPS tracking technologies and smart identification systems.

Around 80% of motorcycle theft occurs at home, so it makes sense to install the strongest security measures there, for example an extra beefy chain, CCTV or a locked garage.

In this article I’m going to highlight a few of the most common attacks employed by motorcycle thieves, then go through all the main security devices on the market, comparing their effectiveness.


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I never knew that about 80% of motorcycle theft is at home. I recently bought a motorcycle and I want to make sure I keep it safe. Thank you for the tips, I’ll keep them in mind.

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