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AGV K5-S Full Face Helmet Review

I returned to the AGV brand for this K5-S helmet after having many fond memories of my first helmet – an AGV K4. I had grown somewhat disappointed with the robustness of my more expensive Shuberth S2 I current wear. So, I decided to go for a middle of the road helmet suitable for daily commuting and touring. For me the key requirements were safety, good fit, a sun visor, good ventilation, quietness and of course price.

This K5-S I picked up in an end-of-line sale for a very reasonable £200 from Infinity Motorcycles, so can’t complain on price. The K5-S comes in many colour styles, some plain and some patterns, I opted for the ‘Typhoon’ design, as I preferred a little fluorescence to help stay visible. It’s a 4 star Sharp rating, granted this test scheme isn’t the be all and end all, but hopefully gives some indication of potential protection it can offer.