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Essential Every Day Biking Kit

Most bikes have a small storage compartment under the seat, ideal for essential kit for them tricky emergencies. You probably already have the factory supplied mini tool kit in there, so here I’m going to go over other useful kit you should pack on an every day basis. Some I’ve found useful myself, some I’ve been recommended by others.

Essential Every Day Biking Kit

Puncture Repair Kit & Tyre Inflation Canisters

Punctures are inevitable, you will get one at some point. Packing a repair kit could get you going again swiftly and avoid a long wait for recovery. Do also pack some good pliers to pull out screws and a pressure gauge. Depending on how severe the puncture, it could get you to a local garage or longer; I’m told some couriers won’t replace a tyre until they have half a dozen of these in!

Water Proofs

A pair of water proof over trousers or suit could be a life saver if you get caught out expectantly in a shower. Just pull them over your leathers and you’ll be warm and dry.

Spare Bulbs

A set of spare bulbs for the head and tail lights could be another life saver if you’re stuck in the dark. Especially if you only have a single bulb on the front.


There is nothing worse than trying to diagnose or fix a fault in the dark. Or even just rummaging through luggage or removing locks. Pack a small torch to prevent a whole load of cursing on a cold, wet and dark night.

Ear Plugs

Essential for long distance high speed riding. But they’re easily lost and get mucky, so good advice to carry a couple of spare sets.

Visor Cleaner

A mucky rain and dirt splattered visor is not just annoying, but potentially dangerous if your vision is obscured. A little bottle of visor cleaner and wipes is easy to stow away, a no-brainer really.


In case you need to strap some gear down on the back of the bike, your luggage breaks and won’t stay shut or other such annoyance.

Emergency Cash

A £10 note in a plastic bag tucked away safe could get you out of a tricky situation. Be it lost/forgotten wallet, low on petrol or other such desperation.

Phone Numbers

In case your phone dies, having some important phone numbers written down can be super handy. Scribble down your favourite recovery service, your insurance provider and some family members. Now I use a mobile all the time, I’m terrible for remembering phone numbers. But this could also be crucial if you come off bad too.

There we have it. That’s what I like to carry with me. If you have other suggestions, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.


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