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IAM 60th Birthday Bash at National Motorcycle Museum

Earlier this month I popped along to the IAM’s 60th birthday bash up at the Nation Motorcycle Museum in Solihull (near Birmingham), being a member of IAM it seemed daft not to. Especially as they had guest talks from Steve Plater, Peter Hickman and Mick Grant and a chance to check out all the classic bikes in the museum.

I rode up with another from my local ELAM (East London Advanced Motorcyclists),  avoiding the M1/M6 by taking the old A5. On arrival, of course we had to check out everyone else’s bike, including the parade of bikes from every year of the last 60. Next we hurried into the main hall to listen to Steve Plater, Peter Hickman Mick Grant discussing BSB, the TT and how bike racing has changed over the years.

After we had a mooch around the museum, which has an insane number of classic bikes of all vintages and names (many of which I’ve never even heard of!) It was my first visit to the museum and the sheer number of bikes was quite overwhelming. Five rooms rammed with bikes later and we desperately needed some lunch, where upon an observer from the local Brum IAM branch persuaded us to give the slow speed control course a go…

IAM60 Motorcycle Museum - 2As always, slow speed and machine control courses aways appear much easier as your walk them, than actually riding them. Nonetheless after a little practice, a couple of cockups and some coaching from the excellent Brum crew I managed to get round roughly within the cones. 🙂

It was a good day, but the overall turnout was a little low unfortunately. It was good to talk to other advanced riders from around the country to compare stories, great to hear from so racing celebs and check out the multitude of bikes on show.

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