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Forcefield 009 Back Armour for Rukka Jackets Review

Armour Inserts: Left, Forcefield 009; Right, Rukka RVP.

If like me, you have a Rukka jacket with a back armour insert that’s worse for wear, then you’ll be interested in this replacement from Forcefield. Well known for their quality armour products, Forcefield have a range of armour inserts in many different shapes for all manner of jackets. For Rukka owners you need the 009 model, which as you can see above is a like for like replacement. Well, not completely, the 009 insert is slightly thicker than the original Rukka RVP armour and is CE Level 2 certified to afford greater protection.

Rukka RVP armour in disrepair
Rukka RVP armour in disrepair

My original Rukka RVP armour came with a second hand Rukka jacket and was in a poor state of repair. The mesh was broken and cracked all over, it had been previously glued in places and I had to resort to numerous cable ties to keep it in one piece. As such, a replacement was high up on my shopping list, and the Forcefield armour was only slightly more expensive. Along with a nice voucher from the Infinity Motorcycles mailing list, it only cost me £40 delivered – bargain!

The armour was straight forward to swap over via the zip up pocket at the bottom of the jacket. However the Forcefield armour being slightly thinker, it was a squeeze on the narrow zip, but with a wiggle and slight flex soon slotted in. The added chunkiness was certainly noticeable  when wearing, but not uncomfortable or overly heavy.

Fitting the Forcefield 009 insert into Rukka jacket

I have no plans to crash test the armour, rather just rely on the Forcefield reputation and it’s CE Level 2 certification. Overall, I’m pleased with the purchase and having quality armour always there in your jacket is definitely reassuring.


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