Enforcement of Advanced Stop Lines (ASL)

ASL-EnforcementIf you’ve ridden a bike in London in the last year, you are probably more than aware that Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) are now being enforced and any motor vehicles crossing them after lights have turned red will pick up a fine (Fixed Penalty Notice). This is still very much the case, with almost every junction on Mile End Road being policed today, although no one broke the rules on this occasion.

Although MAG have been campaigning for some time, motorcycle are not allowed to cross the first solid white line and enter the blue cycle box. This is a real shame as it can often lead to bikers stuck beside other vehicles, often not visible (especially if beside a truck or coach) and then unable to get away safely from the traffic as light turn green, due to the throng of cyclists in front. I honestly think the situation needs rethinking to allow cyclists and motorbikes to share the area in from of the ASL, where they are both visible and can safely pull away. Possibly with left reserved for cyclists, the right for motorcyclists. Both groups of cyclists have been sharing bus lanes (with buses and taxis) without issue for a number of years now.

If you also believe pedal and motor cyclists should be able to wait beyond the ASL, you may like to sign this petition on the UK Gov website.


I have since discovered that a split bicycle/motorbike advanced stop line box is currently on trial over near Stratford, London.BicycleAndMotorcycleASL

Check it out in more detail on Google Maps here. Note the feeder lanes each side, cyclists on left, bikers on right.

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