Another Good London Bikers Meetup at Borough Market


Wednesday night means one thing – London Bikers Borough Market meetup or LB BM as it’s often more succinctly known. With all the chaos on the roads due to the prevailing tube strike, it was a welcome opportunity to chill out for a bit and let the carnage dissipate a little before undertaking the commute home.

The weather was decent and there was a good turn out, a wide range of bikes, from a brand spanking new 1199 Panigale to some monster KTM Dakar bikes, along with a whole host of solid commute hacks. With plenty of long time forum users and newbies alike, it’s was a good night. So, if you’re in London, and a biker, get yourself down on a Wednesday evening (6pm – 9pm ish), for a good old natter about all things bike related and more.



By Arthur

Seasoned London commuter, doing my best to stay rubber side down and never stop moving forward.

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