Found a Yamaha Fazer Belly Pan

FZS600 Belly PanManaged to find a replacement Yamaha belly pan for my Fazer. As you may recall, my current one got bust in a recent prang. However I have the the original Yamaha belly pan, which is nigh on impossible to find these days. Plenty of after market ones, but few look anywhere near as good and all would need declaring as a mod on insurance, cue premium increase. Recently this one turned up on ebay, listing is a bit vague, but it does appear to be the one I need. Obviously, it’ll need a good sand and respray, but still, it should be a good match.

Regarding the prang, insurance claim is still under way. My insurance underwriters and accident claim firm both agree the other party is 100% to blame. The other parties insurance are however fighting this. 🙁 Now my insurance are taking the matter to court… Can’t see myself getting a result for quite sometime.

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