BikeSafe, a Ride Out with the Cops

imageToday, I attended the BikeSafe day over in Romford, run by the local traffic police. After hearing many good reports in the course and its benefits, I decided to give it a go.

It was a cold February morning, with a little snow in the wind, but I was all wrapped up, lots of layers and ready for a day on the road. The morning started at the Triumph shop with coffee and a brief talk about pro-active riding, positioning and filtering. All very relaxed, but thought-provoking. Next, we were out on the road, two of us per copper, taking it in turns to be observed.

Before lunch, we out around town, in the traffic, filtering and dealing with countless hazards unfolding in front of us. After lunch we went out into Essex, taking more rural roads, to practice cornering and positioning. The police watched our riding and later presented us with feedback. Unfortunately, the weather did prove particularly cold, so our rural ride was cut short slightly.

The day was very interesting, and although much of what was said was common sense, it was still very beneficial to discuss it all. It can be easy to fall into bad habits or have gaps from lack of experience. Once back at the classroom, everybody had a one to one debrief and were informed of any areas we need to work on.

Overall it was a great day, good fun, chilled out, lots learnt and a massive bargain at £35. Lunch was provided (at Frankie & Bennies) and everybody got a goodie bag, full of useful stuff including an IAM How To Be A Better Rider book and wind up torch. I can highly recommend the course to all riders new and experienced.

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By Arthur

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