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MOT Time @ Burwin Motorcycles

Burwin MotorcyclesThat time of year again – MOT. No matter how confident you are the bike is all fine, there’s always a little worry in the back of your head, just in case it fails for some reason. Certainly been a well used bike with 9k gone on the clock since last MOT.

After a prior bad experience at my usual MOT garage, I decided to give Burwin Motorcycles over in Islington a go. Had heard a few good reports and they open at 8am. Big bonus, as I couldn’t afford much time off work. As it happened, they started even earlier and I was done and down the road by 8:30am – that’s what I call service. Barely had chance to drink a coffee in a nearby swanky pre/post drinks artisan coffee shop cum off license specialising in gin…

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By Arthur

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3 replies on “MOT Time @ Burwin Motorcycles”

So, I went to get my front Tyre changed- Michelin PILOT POWER E
120/70 ZR17 TL (58W) Front wheel M/C Normally you get it for around £75

The guys at the shop decided to charge me £120 for it with the labor. When I asked why so expensive they just smiled and said that the prices had gone up 9%… What a scam,, I didn’t ask for the price before I’d the Tyre changed it as I already had had some work done at this place before and I believed they were honest…. First time was Ok,, This time just a scam,….

Terrible,, never going there again!!

I’m sorry to here about your experience, clearly very different to mine. I guess the moral of the story here is to clarify the cost of work before commencing. A lot of things have had huge price hikes over the past few months following the Brexit vote; Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Unilever, Birds Eye, Walkers etc, all have hiked priced significantly. I guess it’s inevitable more things will go in price…

This is burwin motorcycles.

The tyre you had fitted was a michelin pilot road 4 , the latest tyre from michelin which is the price you were charged, not a pilot power ..!! which are around £75 fitted.
This is the second review you have wrote about us which is wrong..!! we had your Yell review removed because the information was incorrect.
Our shop has not been here for nearly 40 years through “scamming people” ..!!

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