Honda CBF500 Bargain

This week I picked up this CBF500 bargain for my wife. For sometime now, she’s been hankering for a bike, something simply and low to get back into biking properly after nearly 15 years. A while ago we tried an old Kawasaki ZZR400 but it just wasn’t a good fit for Mary – too wide, too heavy, too tall and too much of stretch to the bars. She just wasn’t comfortable or confident on it, so it didn’t stay long.

A while ago, Mary had a great back-to-biking session at the local training centre 1 Stop Instruction on a lowered CBF500, hence we opted for this bargain. It’s definitely a commuter hack, certainly not pristine, but it’s mechanically sound and should be ideal to regain confidence. It’s a 2006 model, with 44K on clock. Engine is good, forks seals recently done, tyres 1 year old, chain/sprocket have plenty of life, wheel and head race bearing seem goo, no holes in downpipes and it came 6 months MOT left.  It’s been down a couple of times, with some minor dents to tank and crack in front fender, but still a bargain at £900.


Motorcycle Maintenance Month

Following the summer, things haven’t been terrible exciting around here. Kids have gone back to school, work has been busy and this month has mostly been spent catching up on essential maintenance chores. The trusty Fazer has done 6000 miles since Feb, so I’ve done the regular oil / filter change, cleaned the K&N air filter, greased, checked everything and gave the bike a good covering of ACF50 ready the winter ahead.