Motorcycle Security Tips – Security Certifications

There’s a whole host of certifications you might might find adorned on security devices, but what do they really mean?

For Padlocks the standard is the newish EU wide CEN EN12320 standard (which is pretty much the same as British Standard BS EN 12320), which goes from 1 (worst) to 6 (best).

For everything else, the best certification to look for is the Sold Secure standard. Sold Secure rate all kinds of security devices and gives items a Bronze, Silver or Gold rating. But do bear in mind, because they rate all kinds of stuff: bicycles, ATVs/quads, caravans, etc, ratings are not comparable between categories. A motorcycle gold rating is not the same as a bicycle gold rating. Ultimately, even a Gold rating isn’t that high and has been awarded to basic 14mm chains that can be cropped in seconds (e.g. Oxford Monster).


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