Motorcycle Security Tips – Ground Anchor

Ground anchors are essentially something solid to thread your security chain through making it impossible to carry away your bike. Highly recommended for securing your bike at home. They generally come in two flavours, a metal ring that is bolted to the ground (or wall) or a U-shaped tube that is sunken into the concrete and is flush with the floor.

The Pragmasis Torc Ground Anchor
The Pragmasis Torc Ground Anchor with chained to two bikes.

The bolted variety are good if you already have concrete down or only have a solid wall to bolt to. They generally use rawl bolts that expand when tightened or resin to bond bolts solid with concrete, and in both cases ball bearing are hammered into the bolt heads to prevent them being undone afterwards. The disadvantage with this type, is they could still potentially be attacked with power tools.

Yanchor Ground Anchor
The Yanchor sunken ground anchor

The sunken variety obviously require more installation work, i.e. a big whole and pile of fresh concrete, but have the advantage of being flush with the ground so can be ridden over easily and are near impossible to attack.

What ever ground anchor you buy, do double check it will accommodate the chain (or chains) you wish  to thread through it and triple check positioning before installing…


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