Motorcycle Security Tips – Common Attacks

Let look at some of the common attacks thieves employ:

Freeze Spray: A can of freeze spray can make many metals extremely brittle, so they can easily be shattered with a lump hammer. Watch video to see just how easy this attack is. This attack is effective again D-Locks and chains too.

Bolt Croppers: 42″ croppers have tough jaws and long handles capable of providing a lot of pressure and will easily break most chains with links less than 15mm in diameter. Check out this video from Almax showing how easily lesser chains can be bolt cropped:

Lock Picking: this attack takes considerable skill and is more common for very cheap locks, models with known flaws or by professionals after a very high value bike. That said, see how quickly this well regarded Squire SS65C padlock get picked:

Power Tools: Small battery powered tools are becoming more common these days, with a mine angle grinder able to break almost any chain in a relatively short space of time.

Skate Board: Placed under the front wheel, it will allow a pair to push an immobilised bike away to somewhere quieter and less risky to buy time attacking devices further and hot-wiring the bike.

Scooter Piggyback: If a bike can’t be quickly hot-wired, it can easily be pushed away by an accomplice on a scooter. Watch this getaway in action:

Van: Anything not chained down will go in a van in seconds, where upon alarms will be muffled and attackers can then tackle security at their leisure.

House Entry for Keys: Common for all automotive theft, it is often easier for thieves to break into a house and steal keys so they can unlock, disarm and drive away a vehicle.


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