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Essex Ride Out, Burnham Bends to Bishops Stortford

Pit stop in Tillingham

By gum, a mid week ride out, what’s that all about? With kids at school, the weather forecast predicting summer arriving and the two of us in dire need of a break, we booked a day off and hit the road. The plan was to hit the infamous Burnham Bends (around Burnham-on-Crouch), then double back, through Chelmsford and out to Bishops Stortford following the A1060. But wait, Mary was having a wardrobe malfunction: her old leather trousers were hideously baggy after recent dieting, but the interim pair bought cheap off ebay seemed to fit, but had no give in them and prevented her getting her leg over the bike. Not good. A quick pit stop at J&S Gants Hill sorted us out with a pair Frank Thomas trousers that fit and didn’t break the bank. Sorted. Now back on the road.

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Biking Videos, Sixth Sense Skills

Throughout my riding in London I constantly witness a multitude of situations unfolding on the busy roads, that make me cringe and say to myself ‘knew they were going to do that!’ As a biker, you need this kind of sixth sense to remain upright and safe. For seasoned bikers it will be instinct and an unconscious reflex, however for new riders it will be a skill that may need developing.

Please watch my videos, see if you can predict what is about to happen and spot the tell tail signs that give it away. I hope you find them interesting and possibly learn something that may help you on the roads.

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Fazer Owners Club Ride Out April 2014

Fazer Owner Club Unofficial Rider Out April 14Had a great ride out yesterday with the Fazer Owners Club (Unofficial). The weather was a bit grey and rain was hinted at, but luckily we escaped it all and had a great ride. Starting out at the Silver Ball Cafe on the A10 just South of Royston, we made our via some back roads to Finchingfield in Essex. A picturesque village with a super little cafe and a popular pitstop for lots of bikers. Once sated, we set off South down to High Beach tea hut in Epping Forest.

Overall a chilled out ride, with some good company, top stuff all round.

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Day Out At Ace Cafe

Ace CafeHad a good day out at the Ace Cafe today. Catching up with a bunch of fellow Fazer riders from the forum, bumped into some of the LondonBikers too. It was Overland & Adventure bike day at the Ace, with the place rammed with huge Dakka and globe crossing bikes, loads of big Beemers, KTM’s and Triumph adventure bike. My Fazer didn’t wholly fit, but that didn’t matter, it was great to check out other styles of biking. The day also saw off Steph Jeavons on here sole trip round the globe on a little Honda CRF250.

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In print in MCM


Recently Motorcycle Monthly asked readers to give tips on staying safe and visible on the roads in the winter. I posted off my contribution and they chosen it for print in this December’s edition and here it is.

Excuse the cheesy mugshot, however the kids are proud to see me in print.

Watch Out! Wet Leaves are Slippery

Slippery-Wet-LeavesAutumn is here. The leaves on the trees are changing colour and are being shed. The weather is all over the place, wet, windy, bright sun. Watch out for wet leaves on the road, they’ll be super slippery. Avoid hard braking and cornering on them, or risk loosing grip on the front wheel. Don’t ride in the gutter where the collect, with the low Autumn sun dazzling you, glare on the wet road, you may not notice them until too late.

“Filtering is illegal, don’t ya know?” – Twat


Riding back home last night, quietly filtering down the A13 through it’s usual gridlock, when this twat suddenly decides to change lanes and takes me out.

He then starts getting a bit worked up, telling me I was wrong for filtering, I “shouldn’t be filtering, it’s illegal, don’t ya know?”

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One Year of Riding

image Exactly one year ago I passed my direct access test, and what a year it has been. Thrown in at the deep end, straight onto my Fazer 600 and commuting into central London everyday, then onto some long ride outs like my jaunt up  to Shrewsbury. I’ve put in 7000 miles odd, numerous sorties to the Ace Cafe and unfortunately a couple of offs.

I’m definitely a better rider than one year ago, far more confident and a dab hand at filtering. It’s inevitable all new riders will drop their first bike a few times, maybe an un-faired bike would have made this less painful on the wallet, but hey-ho, I’m loving my Fazer.

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